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Hi as you can see this blog is pretty much about Dan and Phil! but if you like other fun stuff you can visit my other blogs - links above this note in "My blogs" ;)
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    The latest ‘reason why Dan’s a fail’ that ruins my life - I mumble.

    new video guys! please help me out by reblogging this and i’ll check out a bunch of your blogs to say thanks :) hope u enjoy

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    going on holiday requires snazzy new sunglasses😎

    You got designer shades, Just to hide your face and You wear them around like You’re cooler than me.

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    so I was watching Phil’s nev video & noticed that this bag has a face, can you see it? Or is just me seeing things at 2am haha

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    just made few (weird) gifs try to play a song and watch the gifs >_<

    Phil’s video

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    Phil in Joey’s vlog (x)

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    Sorry, but someone needed to say this。。。


    Thank you.

    You are not alone in this pall

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